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We the Hindustani are gifted with varied traits, colors, and artistic flavors, yet we all have one thing in common, and that is our life stories with particular struggles, challenges, and willingness to move. We all are moving but at the same time entrapped in societal fiber, and it is this that keeps us united. You will be reading the articles, fiction, about personalities and leaders, and above all, you will get the opportunity to share your life story. Entertain, learn, look at the world through your prism, share and connect. And, this is all in one place.

It’s Our Story​

It is an opportunity to discover, write, and share our story; it’s about our life and what makes us so unique. I will pen down my life experiences, my dreams, my aspirations, feelings, and how I face the challenges? Writing is a self-exploratory and way to understand what I am, which is not possible in this tense environment. But just a few minutes to oneself and learn many things and know about dreams, expectations, and how the way we can overcome hardships and challenges in life. It will be our biography/portfolio that we can submit or share with others. Believe there might be many more who must be in a similar situation. So by sharing our story with others, we are not only motivating ourselves but also others. And maybe we get better opportunities, and our dreams get fulfilled. 

So share your story, and connect and let the millions also feel the same heat and join the hands with you.  

A Boy Take a Pen

Life and emotions are multifaceted, give it a face and let it flow.

“Exploring a Self Journey”

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hum ek hindustani

Know your

And learn how they get their Net Worth, if they can you can do it too?


A Satirical Version of life, politics, and religion what impacts us 

I want to Say –

We the people now want to say of what we are, what impacts us and what we want to do?

Poll - Your Opinion

We are all affected by the situation prevailing in the social and political scenarios, and want to express our thoughts and what we feel about. Let us talk.

Vote and express your opinion? It does matter?



Indian mom

Do you beat your children?

Dr. Abdul Kalam gave a wonderful answer to the question asked by BBC: Define Birthday and Kalam reply was, “It was the only day in your life…….Your mother smiled when you cried,” while on the other days if you get hurt, your mother weeps. But my question is if mother weeps then why does she

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humayun tomb

Which place is best for traveling in India-It’s Your Choice

If we talk of the ancient yet modernized nation of the world, it is our India with each of its cities, village, or town is a display of its peculiar quality and uniqueness. There are many places to visit in India that are worth visiting, some lesser known while others more known. For me as an

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Sudha Murthy Net worth

She is one lady that resounds in our consciousness with her magnetic charm and endowing spirit. She is Sudha Murthy, and her net worth equivalent to 2480 crore. What makes her special is an undying spirit of selfless service. But more to it is her simplicity, humbleness, intelligence, simple clothes, and smile that she wears

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