Am I gagging, I am Masters in Heartbreak!

Romantic breakup
Yea, it is not funny. If I am saying I mean as each time I am hurt as much as previously, I would always think it is last. But each time I saw a girl, I am stolen and yet left with tarnish images of her eyes and body. Whenever I think of what I should do now as each time I feel emotionally down like water in spring flows down.
Is it not a masterstroke in heartbreaks? It is the satire of my life. It was 12th June my class was over, I stood in a bus stand, under its shade for a bus, I saw the young life, the feeling I had never felt before neither happened with me in life.
I stared at her, and she pulled herself backward and turned her face towards another side. I looked at myself, “I am also smart, am I not!”, and, that day and till my college got over, my ritual started. I would wait to have a glimpse of her but never would dare to go to her and say hello. Those were the pre-mobile phone days, “Yeh un dino kee bat hai”. But the romantic nodes never fade.
It continued for many days till our college got over. But I never dared to go near her let alone talk. We parted and I went to my hometown and got busy with some house issues and a job forgetting her. One day it was 13th August 2020, and I was with my team in a conference room as we had a meeting within five minutes with our client. Suddenly a beautiful girl entered the room, with goggles on, tall legs, slim body, mini skirt, oval face cut, and bob cut hair seemed to be out of Bollywood.
She was appeared to be so fresh and beautiful that I lost my consciousness and kept looking at her. She sat next to the boss. She was the senior manager of the project. I suddenly was going to get tumbled from the chair. I had again gone into the romantic frenzy.
Soon we were working on the same project. Hers way of working, Intelligence, and conversation style blew my mind. I fell in love with her. She was also conscious that I love her. But soon I realized she is too forward, showing hesitancy, and simultaneously flirting with the boss. My heart broke a second time.
The third time, my parents sought a matrimonial alliance with a girl of the same caste. She was homely, simple to look, beautiful, and respect the elders. I had a casual meeting with her and soon find she has been flirting with many boys.
Then came the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh girls, and just broken up with the tenth girl, who is the sister of my friend. She is not very beautiful in look but intelligent and smart. She was also curious to know about me. But her parents forced her to marry the boy of their choice. My heart again broke.
That day I felt I am now a Master in the heartbreaking. Did I fell into depression, “No”. Did I cry or went into isolation, no? So what I did. I listened to the old Bollywood songs with my roommate, had a party with him, and laugh the troubles of the breaks out.
It is a way for the Heart to fill with streams of loving emotions, but then to get stuck with the boulders and again to wait for someone who would come to heal the wound.
When the reverend body eager’s for the sensuous passion, keep the strings of the emotions in control. “Cord of the heart will not break if you keep it strong.” This is a point to keep in mind when your heart going to fell. Dreams are seldom seen.
That day onwards, whenever I woke in the morning first I would see myself in the mirror, take a few deep breaths and start my day. Now when I see any beautiful girl, I would take a deep breath, but just whisk away from there. As more than a sight on her would again take the breath away but now I do not want my heart to broke, but to bloom with fulfilling passion and hardened enough not to get carried away.
But should I stop loving, absolutely “No”, as love is a most beautiful and virtuous thing to do in life but make efforts to find the right girl of your choice, and give time to the relationship?

All the best guys and girls and do not gain mastery over the Heartbreak.

But here are some tips to regain the life back

Life is not a bed of roses to only peg up for the loss of the one with whom there was no love, but only infatuation. So buddies, do not stop life if one goes, as no one knows there is someone for you out there waiting for you, 

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Suneet Kaur

Suneet Kaur

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My writing journey started with my journalistic tenacity so I choose to do journalism course and I started writing for the newspapers. My first ever article was published in the Mumbai local newspaper, The Free Press Journal, and since then there was no stopping for me.

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