From galore of poverty to incredible riches

What You Do Matters

Within the grueling journey and attorney of powers, our life is a continuous movement with some staking high with successes while others keeping their piles of powers stock at the different ratios in the subconscious parts of the brains. I belonged to the genre of the second category. In all these years of my career, I could never realize my worth, traversing from one job to the other but leaving behind only trails of failures. During the tenure of my last job, I lost all heck lose. I left the office, strolled on road with fearful heart, and tears in my eyes. I wandered about thinking I lost profound happiness but it was not. In the last job I was feeling myself in the condition of prisoner in the old Bastille, and now suddenly I found myself let lose after a forty years confinement. I could scarcely trust myself. I felt it was like passing of time into eternity and it was looking like I had more time in my hands that I could ever manage.

All these years I had only kept the piles of these powers stock behind the brains. I kept wondering what I had done with my life and what was happening with me now? All the thoughts of my past life kept ringing in my ears as though time had halted and I could not walk away from it. If time needed me to make most of it, I just whisked it as if I was finding it deeply troublesome. I was only able to apprehend my felicity and was too confused to taste it sincerely.

While I was just unconsciously moving slowly on the road with traffic gnawing at its own pace, a sudden halt of a vehicle behind me raised my consciousness and I was up again. I just turned my steps towards home; as I realized sudden urge; I did not know at that time what was it; it was something that brought me home. I sat before my PC screen and within no time I was searching for more jobs. It was a tiring and disgusted search of five days at a stretch. At last, the fifth day my search bore fruit as I received mail from the company.

I was overjoyed yet not fully satiated, as still I had to undergo their test. They sent across one topic for me to write on. I saw the topic, penned aside all the negative thoughts, wrote on it and then sent it across. Two days gone, three days gone, I did not get any reply. I repeatedly asked for feedback and then reply came, “it is not completely meeting our requirements but if you do certain modifications we can consider it.” I sat down to modify it and sent it across again. Within a day I got a reply; “Good Job!” and I got my first assignment as a freelance writer.

Three years I worked as a freelancer; suddenly again untoward happenings turned my life, that was 12th June 2006, I was scrolling through websites, I thought to have little fun and what a better fun could be then chatting. I went online and got a prompt ‘hi’ from a guy. I also replied. Our chatting began. After few rounds of introductions, he told me he was a website designer. An idea struck me, “Why shouldn’t I also get my site designed?” I asked him if he could create a website for me and opt came the reply, “Of course, why not”? What happened to be a fun turned out to be a business proposition? He showed me the sample of his designs and soon our project started. He built a team with four more experts all in one or the other concepts of website designing. With this website, we started our own business of web designing with the latest concepts and writing of course.

My teenage years and my youth was also spent on thinking, just thinking about the past, thinking about the happenings of today and thinking about the unexpected future. I failed in my exams, I failed in my parent’s eyes, I failed in love and marriage and every time I failed, I had lots of excuses and explanations: guests arrived, power cut, so and so …etc. All these excuses are attempts by us to hide our failures. But there was one thing within me-a ‘spark’ to at least attain riches of this world I fully deserved and which this world owes to me. This desperate desire within me always coaxed me to strive to do something different, adore ornaments of hard work with positive attitude and optimism. This zeal in me took me from the galore of the abject deprivation to the riches.

I began an entrepreneur in my own right with profit reaching 3 hundred thousand rupees in first year and with continuous efforts, I have now reached from the second stage to the first stage.

We all seemed to be embellished to hear stories of poor gaining riches; seemed to be fantasy yet true. Is it not surprising? Of course it is? As this is a universe of unlimited domains where every man can pasture into the greener grasses of his own deeming passions while adopting with the grandiose poise delicate and rational balance of the societal morality and his own ambitions and interests. Yet among millions in many corners of the world why many of us are rich while many are poor? Why many people having an aptitude for success have the slightest power to sustain the same? There are several questions that need answers. It is our effort to ensnare our readers into ascertaining these various negativeness and discover ways to harvest various aspects of our personality.

It is not surprising that people with at least one million dollar in assets increased by more than 6 per cent as compared to previous year 10.1 million. These findings were made by Merrill Lynch and Capgemini and reported by New York Times, on 24th June 2008 and produced in Group’s 12th annual World Wealth Report. This report further noticed the increase of 600,000 millionaires during the second half of the year, even though United States was passing through deep credit crises. If the joint wealth of the millionaires club is counted, the findings are more surprising- the growth is 9.4 percent accounting to 40.7 trillion dollars.

So! What are you thinking? You can also become member of this club with only requirement is the exploration of the hidden power lying within you. But the question may bother you – How can you unleash such power? Within the inner precincts of this book, the words will make you realize various ways to explore unleashing the wealth waiting for you.

If we fail, we have hundreds of excuses. I was not lucky…I could not get help and so on and on and on. We spend so much time pondering on frivolous matters of our life hardly realizing we are wasting those precious moments we can utilize to gain. In this world of several complexities, an ordinary men like you and me putting all their hard work with zeal, determination, and motivation pinning all hopes to attain wealth get stuck by the various hindrances, some of their own making while some of the makings of the world. They fail, as they may not have any purpose or goal in mind, they are lacking in ambition without any well-defined purpose. They are waning themselves from ambitious drive and foliating in social and economic prejudices.

They loiter themselves in the darkest faces of the life with negative attributes and lack of self control and discipline with many adopting the tendency for procrastination. Many people fail as they have developed the negative personality without cooperation. They reach at conclusive decisions very slowly while making changes at regular intervals. Some develop an ability to be over cautious with the same again creating negative attributes. Lack of drive and enthusiasm is another deeming factor bringing even the men of highest disposed values into the deepest crises. There are many more reasons like egoism and vanity, which could run for the shortest period but cannot take man for long, over and above, lack of capital. These are all the great inhibiting factors but are not the factors, which cannot be overcome. They can easily be deepened and side tracked to clear all the paths leading to your success with the best way lying in adopting those traits in personality automatically enabling man to grab as much wealth he desires and aspires for.

There are stories and stories from the rags to riches – How people from the poorest families broke their abject walls of poverty to enter into the world of rich and famous. They were not exceptional but garnered aspiration as the most important virtue in them. They aspired to be rich reaching the top in whatever circumstances and situations they had to bear and pass through.

 One fine morning I was walking steadily towards the office with traffic buzzing around like bees, swarming here and there articulating themselves, bumping, scorching, and jumbling against each other. I bumped across one man with newspaper in his hand and reading loudly his horoscope.

Newspaper fell from his hands and due to human nature; he got irritated yet kept his cool. I looked at him very carefully, he was wearing old styled light blue shirt with pants and when I looked at this feet, I could not but feel like laughing as he was wearing bathroom sleepers. I said sorry and he replied that he had read in the newspaper that he would be bumped and here he did. “I am bumped but… its ok… no need to be sorry. I know I would be bumped again, and when I would reach the office I would be again bumped, then sooo what…” He slightly smiled, looked complacently in my eyes and moved towards his journey. I went to my office and forgot this incident.

After several years I was attending one meeting where several dignitaries of the business world were gathered to discuss their motives and agendas in the new industrial scenario. My eyes suddenly got glued at the man wearing grey suit, with tie and branded shoes-A complete gentleman. He addressed the gathering with a great poise. When enquired, I was told he was a big industrialist, launching many brands of men’s wear. In 1986, his business got severe set back when his partner cheated him and a man who had royal cars at his disposal with many servants to serve him came on roads. I soon recollected he was the same man I happened to meet several years back on the road, and I understood his meaning when he said, “I had been bumped, I would be bumped again and I would always be bumped, but don’t worry…”

At that time he must have said to himself, “Don’t worry”, Rodriguez! When his partner cheated him, and he was bumped on the road again he had said, “Don’t worry!” When he got bumped against me and I could imagine, in these all years of his struggle he must have had been bumped again and again and again and again, but always from his heart and soul, these words must had come, Don’t worry! These words make the persons like Rodriguez to turn the results of the mathematical equations and refused to be complacent. One of the names from these rising souls, showering various moves is the name of Topiski, who allows us to give a new meaning to the life, to remove the weaknesses and adopt strength to move towards our destined goals.

Topiski was complacent with only dreams in his eyes to generate wealth. With these dreams in his eyes, he left his hometown in China to reach Kennedy Airport in New York at the age 24, but with very meager money in his pocket and without any knowledge of English. He was acquainted with only one person in this town. But he was determined, as he too had said to himself, “Don’t worry Topisky? I would make fortunes,” and sooo… he made it.

It did not take him long to adopt in this new environment in the earlier days at New York and within a period of two weeks of his arrival, he got a job in a moving company and was able to earn 40 dollars a day. Language was posing the biggest challenge for him, so he joined English classes. The money that was left after all expenses, he kept in savings and got better-paid jobs. Soon he could save $10,000. As he had expertise in driving, he became a cab driver. He would be driving day and night with very few hours of sleep, but he was non complacent, he wanted to be rich…to send enough money to his family behind, and give them joy they had never imagined. He wanted to start his own business and meanwhile made himself acquainted with the business management skills by reading several books about it. He started well and then continued to progress. There was no stoppage for him and soon was able to buy his own cars. He sought for angel investors*, first he got rejected from one place, again he got rejected from the other place, yet he did not lose his nerves and approached the investor who was very popular.

First he also refused but looking at his passion, he finally agreed. He got money and from then on he started the business and now he is President and co founder of his own business.

We can very well say they are successful as they were lucky; they got the opportunity, we did not get. We can yet feel the chance or we can call fate raising these men to the greatest degree. The chance do has incredible role, with historical verdicts as ample proof of the same as discovery of America by Columbus. He passed through the tidal waves of danger yet discovered America; it was chance that enabled man to discover fire.

Chance is playing its own role in every success or failure of man. It moulds man’s actions towards his fruitful compliance or swindles him into fiasco. But within the parameters of these fortuitous happenings, two different traits in man yet in conjunction with each other eventually turn their dreams into reality. These traits are their incredible zeal and determination.

It is all about Audacity of Hope (Title of famous book by Barack Obama) catching the nerves to built up the gains? But we often hear people replicating the words how could we do it? The exact answer to this question no author can tell, no book can reveal and no major player in the world of business can reveal? But then how could we know? It is only you yourself who can give this answer. It is you who within the inner precincts of mind would enhance your thoughts towards the answers of these above questions. The inner verses of the book will entail you to enhance these parts in you to find out your own answers.







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