No Phones, no toys no Televisions Still these Children are Happy

A Girl With Phone

Aren’t they happy?  Yes, they are as they enjoy their happiness in these minor odysseys. They enjoy in the symphony of nature. 

But what about children who get phones, toys, televisions as soon they are born.  Do they not feel happy watching these amazing pictures and sounds from their electronic gadgets?  Yes, they do. I can feel the cheery face of my eight years old son Sammy when he tap and listens to the animal sounds through his iPad applications, meanwhile I would do with my cooking.  But when I take the same back from his hand, he would cry.

Sometimes, you will also notice young children on the app using TikTok lip syncing to songs that are not meant for their age.  Younger ones are also seen scrolling the wrong videos. No doubt, children are now more intelligent and smart, and this is all due to the smart phone. But the impact of the same can be drastic also.

And thereon I have to leave my work and console him. Several studies on the different behavior patterns of the children suggest they are not willing to part with the same and when gadget gets destroyed, they would be adamant to get the new one.  A simple tap prompts them to tap more and more till on the verge they get so addicted that they become the guinea pigs.

I won’t here go into the dangerous impacts of these electronically gadgets, as studies are testament of the same, but I would rather insist parents to observe their children behavior and the way they get pampered.  Are you satisfied looking at your children with the specs over their eyes, sitting at one position tapping their iPhone or iPad or you feel happy watching children playing soccer on muddy parks and playing Cricket?

When asked Steve Job, a Technology guru, by Nick Bilton of New York Times, “Your kids should love the iPods”, surprisingly he replied, “They haven’t used it.  We limit how much technology our kids use at home.”  How could one imagine an Apple God restricting his own children the use of invented technologies? But he confessed doing so, as he himself remarked, “We have seen the dangers of technology first hand. I’ve seen it in myself and I don’t want to see that happen to my kids.”

Studies undertaken at the University of California suggests, just a few days after re-framing your kid from the use of electronic gadgets, your children’s social skills will be improved considerably. This is definitely something to think about.

 Now eighty percent children are spending their time on smart phones or other electronic gadgets? They are depriving themselves of the singing of birds, drops of rain, splashing water in ponds, running after hens and ducks and jumping in jute bags.

Electronic gadgets are not bad, as our children are now far more getting smart and intelligent. These are also being used for education in Schools, but the same are not without side effects. Job surely would never spend time on playing candy crush or updating his status on Facebook.

So what is your choice?  

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