Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is a term based on which HumekHindustani works and is an agreed term between the user and the team HumekHindustani. 

Our commitment and pledge

We commit ourselves to offer our users incomprehensible services and complete transparency on our services, what we do, what we do not, what we collect, and how we use the information. Through this privacy policy, we tend our readers to get the understanding and knowledge of the type of information HumekHindustani, its affiliates collect. We also tend to keep your provided information safe and secure.   

Information we collect and use


We might collect and combine information when you contact HumekHindustani, and that includes:

  • Information you give to us is your name, email id. We may also use your device Id, cookies, and any other signals whatsoever that you might gain from the third party or for linking accounts and or devices that you have with you. 
  • You use our services for communication with others, posting, uploading, or storing content like photos, voice inputs, videos, emails, messaging service, attachments, etc.
  • HumekHindustani will make many analytical assumptions and keep in store all communications content that includes email content, whether it is for incoming or outgoing mail. It allows us to deliver, personalize, and create features, content, advertising, and services. 
  • When you utilize our services like search, contact us, title queries, page views, view the content we make you available, or install software like plugins.If applicable, we might use your payment of billing information whenever you sign up for our services.

Device Information:  We also collect the requisite details about you from the devices that you might be using. We use it to create interactivity in the categories, to use our services, contact third-party partners. Some information we use is a device-specific identifier like IP address, cookie information, advertising identifiers, and operating systems like its type, version, browser version, network information, device setting, and software data. We might identify the devices that you might be using that would enable us to give you experiences and advertisements.

 Use information from a Location: We are also obliged to collect information about your location from different sources. 

Information from Cookies

  • We gather and access information when you read and access articles, posts, content, use interactive widgets, share social networking with the data collection technologies like tools, cookies, technologies. 
  • With these technologies, we can understand your activities on and off, collect and store information whenever you interact with the services we provide.
  • This information is all kind of activity that is undertaken by you that is either you have viewed, read, clicked, shared, written, messaged, or contacted. These are the websites and mobile applications that you have used before accessing our services and where you have gone next.  
  • We will also collect information about your interactivity with the other users and third parties in the following cases:
  • When you interact or connect your account to a third-party service provider or sign it by using a third-party partner
  • When you perform any action or if you interact with the visitor to the website or the user through the message system or the social networking websites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

How We Use This Information

We will use the collected information to offer you better services, personalize and use it to improve our functioning and services. We use the information to meet the following objectives:

  • Offer, retain, create, and improve features, content, and services.
  • Analyze your content and other information. You can either review or control specific types of information.
  • Meet the requests and when we authorize you to do.
  • To assist advertisers and publishers in remaining connected and offer relevant advertising on the websites.
  • Offer you the targeted advertising depending on the device activity, interests, and location information.
  • Contact you to provide you information about your account, forget a password, or with any marketing message.
  • Carry out or offer promotion.
  • Conduct research or study.
  • Create reports or analytical studies for external parties that include partners, publishers, third parties, or the public that are showing current trends regarding the choice of personal preferences. We offer comprehensive reports on the current trends to the advertisers and partners regarding general preferences, the impact of ads, and information for the user experience.
  • To find out and defend the website against any fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful activity. 

What We Will Do

  • We will not use your data for any personal motive or take advantage of any information you provide.
  • We respect your privacy and confidentiality of the data.
  • Not, in any case, your data or any information you provide will be misused, stolen, or used for any personal or activity that you find misdemeanor in nature. 
  • We reserve the right to use your information for administration purposes and deem right for providing you services and sending you messages.
  • Our mission is to provide safe and secure information where our readers, partners, stakeholders, and associates get the best experience, feel, interactivity, satisfaction, and enjoyment.

Let us unite to get the best, achieve, and to enlighten our lives. We hope your visit and experience of the website will be full of fun and satisfying.


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