Which place is best for traveling in India-It’s Your Choice

humayun tomb

If we talk of the ancient yet modernized nation of the world, it is our India with each of its cities, village, or town is a display of its peculiar quality and uniqueness. There are many places to visit in India that are worth visiting, some lesser known while others more known.

For me as an Indian, this question is very difficult to answer as to which place is best to visit in India for traveling in India. All Indian states have distinct ideological traits and beauty that are characterized by their culture, religion, food, language, and even social and political traits. There is a great geographical division.

 Whether you go to any bustling city or in a small town, or you land up in a village, hill station, valley, mountains, desert, or seaside, you will find attractiveness that spells the exquisiteness and sublimity in its varied forms.

We all have our choices; for some, it is Kashmir while for others it is Uttarakhand. Some Indians would love to see the colorful culture of Rajasthan, but some want to spend time in the mountains and on the other hand, some want to enjoy beaches. As there is diversity, there is a difference in taste. But the place I love to go to and spend time in New Delhi.

If you ask me where to visit in India, my vote goes for Delhi, a capital of India.  You will say it is so polluted, the maddening crowd, traffic congestion, maximum slums, dirt and jam-packed areas. But within it lies its variedness, ancient culture, and tradition, lovely people of varied tastes and likes, trend settlers. One of the best places to visit in India, you will never forget once visited for its good transportation, lovely people, best hotels of all types and kind and for each budgeted people.  

It is one of the Delhi's oldest monument.

Story of Delhi

 The story of Delhi is written in the historical annals, as it remained the capital of several empires and dynasties for centuries. Amidst long overhauls, turmoils that are writhing deeper in our hearts, it is standing tall as the capital of 183 million Indian people. It is a bubbling city, our national pride and home to the Government bodies, historical memorials of great relevance, gardens, the old Havelis, and edifices. 

Many ancient monuments are mute spectators from within which we can hear many hidden voices of its people who used to live here. The city is full of life, bumping people, growling traffic, show business, markets, and fashion fiestas. Amidst this, it has retained its past glory, and is a symbol of Indianness, its culture, and tradition, with varieties of tasty food. 

There is not a single road or lane in Delhi where you will not find food restaurants or street foods. Whether it is the narrow and crowded lanes of Chandni Chawk, people are seen swarming to lick their favorite street food. On the other hand, you can also find lavish modernity in abundance; people carve it for the taste of their five-star hotels. Delhi is a perfect blend of westernization and of the Indian culture and tradition, and which you can see and feel as you walk in its lanes. It is a common saying, “Delhi is for Dil Walon Kee”. 

Find out here why I love Delhi the Most

 For its traditional facades that are our pride 

 It is a cacophony of disorderly old fashion but trapped in the fine tapestry of our pride and glorious past. Let us start with old Delhi as you move along the featured narrow alleys, you would not miss visiting Red Fort, yes the same place where the first flag of our Indian Independence was unfurled and subsequently, our Prime Minister hoist it on each Independence Day. It was created of sandstone in the 1660s and despite being situated just right at the heart of Delhi, we love to wander in this vast green space. Then take a walk to the forgotten Jama Masjid. It is one of the largest in Delhi and can hold 25000 people at a single time. Climb at the top of one of its minaret to have a view of your Old Delhi. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a stunning piece of Persian architecture. 

The tomb is towards the center of Charbagh gardens with pools that are connected to the canal. There is Lodi Garden, Qutub Minar, Safdarjung Tomb, Isa Khan Tomb, and many more least visited monuments, each monument narrates the story of its glorious past as if the ancient era appeared in front of your eyes. 

It’s old Markets that are the soul of the Delhi people and others alike

If you think I will be talking of the high-end malls, fashion arcades for the rich and elite, famous Connaught circle, you are wrong. I will talk of the lesser privileged markets but are traditionally so famous that people love to throng themselves. Who might not have heard of the famous Chandni Chawk that features narrow lanes, with traits enough to attract the Bollywood industry as the shooting of many movies takes place. You won’t be surprised to know it is one of the biggest marketplaces. If you love chaat, you should come to Chandni Chawk, and when you start eating it, you won’t regret to gauge in the narrow streets. Jama Masjid and Gurudwara Sis Ganj besides temples are also part of this Chandni Chawk; such is the beauty of this heart throbbing part of huge Delhi.

You remember the song, ‘Dilli Shehar ka Sara Meena Bazaar lekar’. It is your Delhi’s Meena Bazar which is flourishing since the Mughal era just behind Jama Masjid. You can find here many upscale textiles or garments but it displays the pale shadow of its glorious past, though you can find many colorful saris and dresses here. For a traveler like me, a visit to the Meena Bazaar is more than shopping, it is like touching the roots and celebrating our past, enjoying the minutest of things and the things that are so mundane yet so are a part of our self. We are as we have this millions of years of our society, who in this tech world is still celebrating what is so menial.

There are many more bazaars like Khari Baoli, Chor Bazaar, Dariba Kalan famous for silver jewelry; modern bazaars like Karol Bagh, Rajouri Garden, and many more. Wherever you go there is a bazaar that what makes it a spirit of India, 

Taste the best it is Delhi Street Food

 When I start writing it, naturally your mouth will also start watering. Delhi and Deli-ities are famous for their voracious appetite, as much they are for the varieties of food. They love dining out and also love to serve. Any cuisine you name it, you will find it. But it is a traditional street food that lures. Here is an exhaustive list of food.

Atul Chaat, Rajouri Garden

Once lost in the shopper’s lane of Rajouri Garden, it is now one of the famous landmarks in the Delhi street food lovers.  While people love its aloo chaat and tikki, it is the size of its gol gappas that people are lured to. Since the day it started, it was the only outlet at this end of the market where people would stop by to relax after shopping and fill the stomach.

places to visit in India 

Roshan Ki Kulfi in Karol Bagh

If you shop in the marketplace of Karol Bagh, your visit will be incomplete without the lunch at Roshan ki Kulfi and enjoying the sumptuous taste of Kulfi. You will never miss eating Kulfi-Faluda and beat the simmering heat. Another feather to add to its cap is Chhole Bhature, with a long tumbler of lassi.  

You have Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectioners, Chandni Chowk for Karachi Halwa, or want to have Shawarma with hummus in Spice Aangan, you could have it all here. Oh! I forgot to mention here of Moolchand Paranthe Wala under Moolchand flyover, Sitaram Diwan Chand of Paharganj.  

But a special mention I want to make here is of famous takeaways with the leading name of Pakwaan of Paschim Vihar. When it comes to eateries, there is none like Delhi. This capital city is not only for Dil walon ke but equally for Khane walon kee who loves good food. They love to eat and serve too.

There are so many of them that you will not be able to count in fingers

These are the basic reasons why I like Delhi, people are fashionable, people are hard working, and people enjoy life. It is the center of learning and houses many good colleges and educational institutes. It houses all the government bodies. 

 So why not then we should not love Delhi? 

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Which place is best for traveling in India-It’s Your Choice

If we talk of the ancient yet modernized nation of the world, it is our India with each of its cities, village, or town is a display of its peculiar quality and uniqueness. There are many places to visit in India that are worth visiting, some lesser known while others more known. For me as an

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