Why We Are So Supercharged with Toxicity?


Life is a sudden bubble that spurts suddenly in a river when you threw a stone in it. The calmness vanishes to bring in its visage numerous negative connotations. This toxic tenacity of the people destroys both the physical and inner soul, making us tangled in a web of distorted personality. Relationship distorted, selfishness distorted, and so the mind that would be earlier full of love not got toxic. We are it evolved in Toxic relationships. A toxic relationship, Toxic pollution, Toxic substances, Toxic tourism, everything seems to be in a state of toxic. Should we consider toxic capacities nefarious, and why it happens? Several renowned men and writers have tried to find the main reason but came up with their varied versions.The month was April, and the weather was cold, with dampness everywhere, the objectivity of the night looked long beyond 1.00. In the stillness of the night, there was restless that went beyond the doors, felt through the tumbles, tossing, and snoring, which could be a sudden symphonic of the thoughts that are troubling them. In the darkness of the night, people are not at peace in themselves; they are stressed, distressed, mentally anguished, and distorted. This restlessness leads to irritation that gives rise to toxic. But this is not only confined to within the walls but outside the walls too.If we take a walk outside, we encounter a rare variety of decent form, adorned with the mud of the day, armed thinned with puffiness on the face shaking with all the might here and there. These are the faces torn, wrinkled, and distraught due to the daily vagaries.Toxic is sometimes dreading and equally frightening. So what makes a person Toxic is his inability to face the people and come out of the inner turmoil’s.

Let us understand what is Toxicity?

It is some of the behavioral traits in a person that human nature cannot consume or like. Toxic people do not believe in logical talks, and some are not aware of the negative impact it can create on the people around them. Others derive satisfaction from generating chaos and making others succumb to your demands while others toast your breath out. They form pointless complexity in life, struggles, and worst of all the stress. Toxic people are not worthy of your time and energy and create unnecessary strife.Recent studies from Friedrich Schiller University stand to show how toxic people can get serious. Their exposure to stimuli results in strong negative emotions, whether it is cruelty, the victim syndrome, plain craziness, and negativity that push your mind into a stressed state.

What causes Toxicity?

The main reasons are nonetheless

  • Stress/Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Distressing syndrome
  • Adopting negative tenacity
  • Impatience
  • Intolerance

And there are many reasons why toxic people cannot think or perceive anything else. Different people have different perceptions of the reasons behind the toxic people. For some, they are too judgmental, while for others, they have the power to manipulate others. There is no consistency in their life, as they will always try to defend or prove you wrongToxic people would often want to fix their problems, feel sorry, and responsible for their actions. There are many other things and aspects in the behavior of the toxic people that are beyond comprehension and not liked. First, you could feel for them and their plight, and secondly, you might lessen your contact with them.
So how should we come out of the toxic behavior in people?

Remove Toxic People from your life:

We have all occupied different places in the home, a workplace, or any of the areas and confound in relationships, so within these complexities, it is not possible to tell people to stop getting toxic. You might set a pace in a relationship with others, whereby there are anticipations and also expectations. While retaining these differing relationships, your action might appear to others as toxic, which you might not have realized. Many of the things considered toxic, might be happening or appearing in our life that we are not even thinking would impact us, are crucial to our knowledgeBut if we keep on removing all the toxic people from our lives, we would lose everyone, but to avoid one toxic person, you will feel relieved. You need a person who understands and supports you, but not the people who always keep on trying to pull your legs and keep on letting you down.

Toxic people will not apologize, so don’t wait!

Think about a time when any of your friends or colleague had given you bad treatment. Do not wait for them to apologize, reduce your losses, and walk away. Seeking apology is a good thing, but do not expect that they would apologize as this they would never do. Sometimes, apologies just do not come, while that is hurting, but when we have accepted that we are worthy enough, and then we do not need any apology.
Toxic people may make you crazy as their behavior is just irrational. Have no mistake of it, as their behavior is not against any reason. As the irrational or off-base someone is, the easier it would be to get away from the trap. So keep yourself away from them not just physically but also emotionally and have interactions with them like a science project. And create boundaries between them and yourself that would give you ultimate peace and choice of fulfilling life.Life gives us many choices, so think and make the right choice to get peaceful night sleeps. Jumping the hurdles without caution will make you fall, but a slow and cautious approach can erase toxicity tenancies.

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